Award Winning Eyelash Training

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Classic Individual Eyelash Extendion Training

Learn how to apply eyelash extensions from the best in the UK! We are extremely honoured to have been crowned winners of the 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018 and 2019 Beauty Guild Awards of Excellence for Training. It could therefore not be any clearer that we offer the best training in eyelash extensions. We are particularly proud of this award as it is awarded for the best training in the whole of the beauty industry, not just eyelash extensions. No other eyelash company has ever been even nominated in this category and that is something that encourages us every day to improve each element of our training even further, giving our students the knowledge, skills and confidence to become talented semi-permanent lash technicians.


Hylash Classic Advanced Eyelash Extension Training

Set yourself apart by learning our tips, tricks and techniques for ultimate coverage, customised styling and hybrid mapping.

Learn the art of the Hybrid Lash with HYLASH, our latest treatment! Create the WOW-factor of a full-coverage, Russian volume look in half the time. As well as tips, tricks and brand new techniques to offer tailor-made styling and flawless coverage for your clients.


GDL Lash Lift Training

Learn how to create a jaw dropping look on even the shortest lashes with our GDL Lash Lift Training Course. Our Gravity Defying Lashes treatment lifts and extends the lashes, straightening them at the root for an instant fuller effect and high-impact look.This lash lift course is accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists and awarded 10 CPD points.

  • About GDL: A natural lash enhancement - creating thicker, fuller, longer defined lashes

  • Defined lashes for: Up to eight weeks

  • Treatment time: Just 40 minutes


Special Effects XD Russian Volume Training

It's time to take the spotlight as a Lash Master, with xD Russian Volume. It’s a big-impact technique that piles on the volume without stressing the natural lashes.xD lashes allow greater creative options by mastering fans for one single lash. Perfect for clients with naturally sparse or thin lashes who are not suitable for the individual treatment. 

  • Special Effects xD Russian Volume course (also known as 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D or 8D)

  • Enhance your skills in semi-permanent eyelash extension treatments

  • Learn how to create a voluminous look

  • Understand the theory behind the treatment, allowing you to give the safest treatment possible

  • Receive guidance on a huge number of styles that can be created

    This treatment originated in Russia but has become massive in America, with the UK now following suit. This technique has many technical names such as xD Lashes, the ‘Russian Technique’, 2D-6D lashes but are all based around the same technique.